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What to Expect at a Child’s First Dental Visit

If you were an early watcher of the Simpsons during your childhood, you might remember the character Bleeding Gums Murphy. The man was a great jazz musician, but his unfortunate nickname came about because during his entire life, he'd never once been to the dentist.

Luckily, people like Bleeding Gums are becoming less and less common as Americans have learned to take their oral health more seriously. More people are interested in visiting the dentist bi-annually, and as those patients become parents, they've learned to pass on good dental hygiene from the dentist's office to their own children.

Girl in Dentist Chair

As a parent taking your child to the dentist in Highland, Utah, you might be wondering what to expect for your child's first visit to the dentist. Here are a few things you should know about visiting the dentist with your young one!

Nothing to Fear

Many children (and some adults) view interactions with the dentist as something to fear. However, the reality is that a visit to the dentist isn't something to fear any more than a visit to your child's doctor. It's just that some people are understandably uncomfortable with the idea of someone they aren’t familiar with looking into their mouth and using tools.

Dr. Lorscheider understands that and will use the first visit as more of a chance to get to know you and your child. If you're following recommendations, you'll be bringing your child to the dentist around 2.5-3 years old. Rather than add to potential anxiety, Dr. Lorscheider will focus on making your child comfortable and teaching them that the dentist's office is a fun place to visit and there is nothing to fear.

Taking a Look

During the first visit you can expect to see two professionals: a skilled dental hygienist and Dr. Lorscheider. First, a dental hygienist will walk you and the child through his or her routine. She will show the tools and eventually look inside the child’s mouth to count the number of teeth and to observe the overall health of the child’s gums. Although the first visit is very basic, the dental hygienist will look for potential issues such as cavities.

The dental hygienist will share any of her findings with you and Dr. Lorscheider, and he will confirm or dismiss the findings. Should there be cavities or other concerns, Dr. Lorscheider will give you the next steps to remedy them and prevent them moving forward.

Lifelong Oral Care

During this visit, you'll be getting a wealth of information from Dr. Lorscheider on how to take proper care of your child's mouth and teeth. You'll learn which habits you'll want to watch out for as your child gets older and what you can do to help make oral care a part of your child's daily routine. It is recommended to stay away from fruit snacks and sugary drinks as they can play into future cavities, especially in soft baby teeth.

Boy in Dentist Chair

At the end of the visit your child will have an opportunity to pick something out of the prize box and sign up for the Kids Club. This will help encourage a revisit and good dental health. Dr. Lorscheider will also send you off with a bag of goodies such as a tooth brush, toothpaste, dental floss, and lip balm. He will then encourage you to set up the next visit date to keep you and your child on regular visits. This also helps with tracking progress and catching any problems!

Taking care of your child's teeth is the first step in developing good oral habits that can help your child ward off cavities throughout their lives. The earlier you get your child started with meeting and getting proper care from your dentist in Highland, Utah, the better off your child will be in taking care of their teeth!

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