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Good oral health habits start at a young age. We want to make sure your child’s visit is an enjoyable and positive experience. We welcome children as early as the eruption of their first tooth, all the way through their teenage years. Young children, pre-teens, teenagers, and children with special needs all require different approaches in working with their dental growth and development in order to avoid future dental problems.


Dr. Lorscheider and our well-trained team have a passion for working with kids and special needs patients, and are dedicated to helping each child achieve their healthiest smile. Rest assured that your children will receive the very best care at Lone Peak Dental and that their experience will make them excited for their next visit!

Children's Denistry



The truth is, anyone could end up needing dentures. Sports or automobile accidents, genetic disorders, and infections are just a few of the contributing factors to tooth loss. It’s likely that what you may have heard about dentures is outdated.


Traditional dentures were often considered to be ill-fitting and uncomfortable, causing the denture wearer frustration and discomfort. However, the technology and materials used to make dentures has changed drastically over the past decade. There are much better options today for those who are considering dentures. Hear what Dr. Lorscheider has to say about dentures. If you still unsure whether or not dentures are right for you or if you have other questions or concerns, contact our office for a free consultation to find out the right path for you.




Wisdom teeth are the third set of molars located in the back of your mouth. They typically begin to come in between the ages of 17 and 25. A dentist may notice them in an X-ray before you even realize they are there. While not all wisdom teeth require removal, often times they can cause issues with teeth crowding, discomfort, or cavities and gum disease due to their hard-to-reach location. 

If you have never had teeth removed, the idea can be scary. The extraction of wisdom teeth is a very common dental procedure, and is typically done in a single, out-patient visit. Learning more about the process can put your mind at ease. If you have further concerns regarding wisdom teeth or would like to schedule an appointment or consultation, call (801)492-0402.

Wisdom Teeth Anchor
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