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Teeth Whitening: All Details to Know

Everyone wants to flash the perfect smile. Your teeth are one of the first things people notice when they meet you, so it’s important to keep them looking their best. A bright smile can help improve first impressions of you while also providing you with a boost to your confidence.

Fortunately, thanks to teeth whitening procedures offered by dental treatment services in Cedar Hills, UT, you can once again reclaim your perfect smile. Whitening can help offset the yellowing that can come with age or lifestyle habits. It’s a safe, simple procedure that has become more common as the demand has increased and whitening methods have improved. Before contacting dental treatment services in Cedar Hills, UT, to schedule an appointment for whitening, there are some things you should know about the procedure. Read on to learn some of the details you should know about teeth whitening.

Before and After

All Teeth Get Stained

No matter who you are or what you do, your teeth are bound to become stained over time. Just as your hair grays as you get older, your teeth lose the lustrous white gleam of your youth over time. There’s no shame in that, as it’s just a part of life. Foods and beverages like wine, blueberries, and coffee can also cause discoloration of the teeth. Because your teeth are porous, they soak up these discoloring agents and become stained. Unless you undergo a whitening procedure, it’s difficult to get rid of such stains. That’s why dental care services in Cedar Hills, UT, will often recommend a whitening treatment for patients with significantly stained teeth.

Whitening is Gradual

Though there are some UV light and laser devices that can provide quick results for those seeking whiter teeth, most whitening procedures take time to remove stains from the teeth. Stain removal is a gradual process that may involve several applications of the whitening compound to create the desired effect. For mildly stained teeth, the whitening process can sometimes be completed in a week. For more significant staining, it could take months of successive treatments to get a satisfactory result.

Man Smiling

Whitening is Harmless

Teeth whitening is a simple, harmless procedure that does no damage to the teeth as stains are removed. Most whitening methods cause the pores in the teeth to open temporarily. That allows the stains to be drawn out of the tooth material safely. Once the stains are gone, your teeth remineralize, which leaves you with a significantly whiter smile and fewer stains. Because the whitening agent must be applied consistently to the teeth, a dental cleaning service in Cedar Hills, UT, may use a bite tray or other device to keep the whitening compound in contact with the teeth.

Post-Whitening Sensitivity Is Normal

Tooth sensitivity is not uncommon, as more than half of people report some degree of sensitivity. Damage or thin enamel can cause the teeth to be overly sensitive to factors like heat and cold. Also, teeth whitening procedures can cause temporary sensitivity. During the whitening process, teeth are dehydrated to allow for stain removal. That can leave the teeth unable to protect the nerve endings from the effects of heat or cold. As a result, for a time after the whitening procedure, it’s normal for patients to experience some degree of teeth sensitivity until the teeth are remineralized and rehydrated properly.

If you are considering teeth whitening or other affordable dental services in Cedar Hills, UT, visit Lone Peak Dental at for more information about the process.

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