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Oral Cancer Screening

An oral cancer screening is an exam to look for signs of cancer in your mouth. Oral cancers include mouth cancer, jaw cancer and tongue cancer. A variety of healthcare providers can perform oral cancer screenings, but it is commonly part of a routine dental exam. 

While Dr. Lorscheider and our team won't diagnose any cancer, we are able to look for anything suspicious while we examine your cheek lining, floor and roof of your mouth, gums, lips, tongue, and tonsils.  

There is nothing you need to do to prepare for an oral cancer screening. Our team will check for any abnormal or suspicious lesions. If something is detected, we may collect suspicious cells and send them to a laboratory for testing. 

Oral cancer screenings are the best tool available for early diagnosis and treatment.

If you have noticed any changes, abnormalities, discolorations, or lesions in or around your mouth, call us for an appointment and notify us before any treatment. 

signs of oral cancer
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