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Tooth Extraction

It is our goal, at Lone Peak Dental, to preserve natural teeth whenever possible. However, sometimes dental fillings or crowns just aren't enough. When a tooth becomes problematic or badly damaged, it could threaten your overall health and need to be removed.

A toothache does not always mean a tooth must be extracted. Some additional reasons for tooth extraction include:

  • Advanced decay

  • A baby tooth that does not fall out naturally

  • Irreversible cracking or breakage

  • Overcrowded teeth

  • Gum disease

  • Insufficient space for wisdom teeth

Our patients' comfort is a top priority for us. We supply sedation options for tooth removal to help our patients remain relaxed throughout any treatment and to help experience less discomfort. We are certified to administer nitrous oxide sedation, which we offer to our patients at no charge, in combination with a local anesthesia. For those who require a deeper level of relaxation, we have additional sedation methods available. Rest assured that you are in good hands. Our sedation techniques are highly effective in reducing anxiety and discomfort. 


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