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Routine Check-Ups

It's never to early to start healthy dental habits. Routine dental check-ups are safe and important for patients of all ages. During your routine dental check-up, our team will ask about your general health and any concerns or issues you've had with your teeth, mouth, or gums since your last visit. We will take any necessary x-rays, polish and clean your teeth, and provide a fluoride rinse, upon request.


If we find that you have any tooth decay or cavities, Dr. Lorscheider and our amazing dental care team can provide tooth-colored, metal-free fillings. These fillings will seal off any portion of the tooth that could be susceptible to further decay. We want to help ensure that you and your children have the healthiest smiles possible!

Discovery of any damaged, chipped, or cracked teeth during your regular visit, Dr. Lorscheider may also recommend further treatment. 

Comprehensive Dental Exams

A comprehensive dental exam is a major part of preventative dentistry. The primary focus is on prevention of dental problems by assessing the current state of a patient's oral health and sharing the proper tools and education for the patient to take optimal care of their teeth and gums and to give any recommendations for further treatments that will aid in protecting the patient's oral health. This procedure takes a little longer than a routine check-up and is typically performed every 3-5 years.

Dr. L will assess your teeth and gum health during a comprehensive exam. Our team will assist by taking detailed records of the different aspects of the patient's oral health, including x-rays, examination of gum tissue, individual teeth, bone structure, bite and a screening for oral cancer. 

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