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We love hearing from our patients! Read what our patients are saying about us, or visit our Google Reviews page and see how our patients feel about Lone Peak Dental:

We love the people in your office, and it's always a professional experience when I'm there. Thank you!      

- Anne B.

Wonderful service! Wonderful people! Wonderful experience! 

- Carolyn G.

This is the best dental practice I have ever experienced. It's quiet, pleasant, comfortable, clean, and professional, yet friendly. Finances are beautifully explained and there are never any surprises. Everyone is consistently courteous and competent, both with patients and each other. Frankly, I look forward to my dental appointments.

- Helen G.

I brought my four year old with me for my cleaning. The staff treated her so well, she was excited to have her own teeth cleaned. I am grateful for an atmosphere where my daughter looks forward to going to the dentist.

- Cari S.

You took a walk-in with a painful abscess and had her feeling better in less than an hour. Wonderful service! Wonderful people! Wonderful experience!

- Carolyn G.

The best part of the visit was hearing "no cavities", but I also LOVE all the employees there! They are so kind and funny, and make you feel so comfortable. Love it!

- Heather C.

The entire Lone Peak Dental staff was very polite, personable, and friendly. They really made me feel at home. I'm always nervous when I have to see a dentist, but the dental assistants were really good with me and explained every step what they were doing to my teeth. They ensured that I had a relaxing, pain-free experience.

- Dasheek A.

I like that every six months I see the same people in your office. Your office staff feel like old friends, and Dr. Lorscheider is always upbeat and super friendly. 

- Khirstin H.

It's always a pleasure coming in knowing that everyone will be friendly and personable. The Doc explains everything so well and makes me feel comfortable.

- Karissa P.

I enjoyed the whole staff! Everyone is so friendly and you all make it so pleasant for my kids and I. The assistant was so good with my daughter. She let my daughter follow her around and help with everything. I feel like you guys always make it a fun experience for my kids. I really appreciate everything you do! 

- Ashley W.

One doesn't often hear that the dentist's office is a favorite place to visit, but the staff at Lone Peak Dental is amazing. They are always very friendly and professional. Dr. Lorscheider is a highly qualified dentist, using state-of-the-art equipment to provide quality service - and he is a nice guy! When we visit we feel like family.

- Janet B.

What a wonderful office visit. I have never been so enlightened at a dentist appointment. You have a wonderful darling staff, and a great feeling in your office. I felt very comfortable.

- Julia W.

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